Marketing management

97 - Packaging

Packaging includes all activities involved with designing and developing a package for a product. A package helps to protect, handle and display a product . The choice of packaging de pends on the nature of product, market needs, opportunities , company objectives, government rules and environmental concerns. Packaging is most important for convenience goods where it plays a leading role n product branding and market ability

Factors influencing packaging decisions

1 . Market requirements : Pack sizes / multi packs / convenience / retail friendliness
2 . En vironmental regulations: Recycling / environment friendly materials sustainability
3. Technological: New materials / improvements in tamper resistance
4 . Material handling and tracking : Bar-coding / RFI D / fracture code
5 . Cost: Commodity packaging or imparting brand value
6. Transport worth iness : Product safety during transport and handling
7 . Product security and protect ion : Freshness of the product / product shelf life
8 . Display: In corp or ating POP in to packaging / sales promotions on packaging
9. Product information : Nature and level of informati on to be displayed
10. Storage and disposability: With stand storage condition sandease in disposing
11 . Safety: For the consumer during usage, safety for children
12. Type and shape of bulk packaging material: Shrink / blister / carton 97
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